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How to Adjust Travel for 2021

Tourism and the travel industry were affected tremendously by COVID in addition to other industries as well. Businesses, airlines, and resorts

Cancun’s Vibrant Coral Reefs

When you vacation in Cancun, you may want to read some helpful tips, so your vacation is the best!

COVID Travel Advise: 5 Safety Tips

You can enjoy a paradise vacation in Mexico now, despite all of the challenges 2020 threw us due to COVID. If you are ready to vacation in Mexico, you should follow our COVID travel tips

Monarch Butterfly: The Journey to Mexico

If you vacation in Mexico from November through March, then you should visit a monarch butterfly sanctuary. There, you can see up close the monarch butterflies as they nestle amongst trees and flutter high in the sky creating a vision of orange and black that is simply breathtaking.

Get Outside and Try a Walking Tour

Going on a walking tour is the best way to get exercise, enjoy fresh air, and learn about a new place. With the COVID epidemic, it is more important than ever to be outside. Staying active while still maintaining a safe distance from others is critical.

Ways to Stay Active During COVID

There are several outdoor activities that you can do while still being safe during the COVID pandemic. Being outside is one of the safest ways to social distance.

Urban Oasis in Puerto Vallarta

Close to the Puerto Vallarta Marina is where you can find the El Salado Estuary. The El Salado Estuary is also known as an Urban Estuary, which is protected. It was declared an ecological conservation zone on July 27th, 2000,

American Passport Processing in Mexico

Great news, you can renew your American passport or apply for a US passport at the American Consulate in Mexico. In most of the larger cities in Mexico, the American Consulate has offices available to serve US citizens living in or visiting Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Coffee Scene: Where To Go

If you are in the mood for a cup of joe and not sure where to go, try these cafes.

Puerto Vallarta Day Trips to Sayulita

Approximately 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta is a charming town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico named Sayulita. This is a popular town for surfers and sun-worshippers who love its small-town feel…