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It is time to leave the real world behind and lose yourself in paradise. In Cabo San Lucas, dramatic landscapes await where the crystal waters of the Sea of Cortez meet the turquoise waves of the Pacific. With private coves along a curvy coast of pale sand beaches and views of the incredible El Arco rock formation, this destination in Mexico is a feast for the eyes.

Once a former fishing village, Cabo San Lucas has become a celebrity hotspot offering a mixture of haute beachfront lodgings, gorgeous golf vistas, trendy eateries, and a pulsating nightlife. In addition, visitors will be enraptured by the charming shops, quaint cafes, serene beauty, and a barefoot vibe. The only pressure here is deciding what to do, if anything at all.  

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Visit Cabo San Lucas Marina

Today, the Cabo Marina has a great variety of excellent restaurants, luxury boutiques, casual shops, and fun bars to choose from. Also, the marina is a great place to enjoy an evening sunset cocktail or two.

Top Cabo Outdoor Activity: Hike Mt. Solmar

A top Cabo outdoor activity is to hike Mt. Solmar. Remember, make sure to wear proper footwear, wear a hat, and bring water. Don’t forget your camera …

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another of the most popular activities for kids in Cabo. There isn’t a better backdrop than the desert in Cabo for a fun

Get Active with Surf Kayaking in Cabo

Surf kayaking in Cabo is a wonderful way to enjoy the area’s perfect climate while you get in a good workout, too.

Cabo Day Trip to La Ventana

La Ventana is a very popular location for kite surfers searching for that next exciting ride

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Cabo San Lucas: Where to Find The Best Margaritas

Uno Mas is another great choice for the best margaritas in Cabo. It is a smaller bar that has a cozy and casual vibe that visitors love.