One of the easiest ways to really learn about a new city is on a walking tour. Going on a walking tour is the best way to get exercise, enjoy fresh air, and learn about a new place. With the COVID epidemic, it is more important than ever to be outside. Staying active while still maintaining a safe distance from others is critical. If you follow precautions, you can travel safely and still have a great time. Would you like to go to Mexico to soak up the warm Mexican sun and learn about their rich culture, too? If so, then continue to read below to learn more about Puerto Vallarta walking tours. 

Get Outside and Try a Walking Tour

Anytime you are in a new city on vacation, you should consider a walking tour because it is one of the best ways to learn more about the city. It’s wonderful to explore places that have been hidden while also getting a bit of exercise. Plus, walking tours are inexpensive, and you will learn so much about the locals, culture, and favorite places to eat. Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the best walking tours around. Tours have a knowledgeable guide that will give you important details and facts about the area on your journey. Also, Puerto Vallarta walking tours are quite cheap too. Usually, tours last two or three hours, and if anyone in your group has special needs, the tour will meet those needs. Everyone in the family will enjoy going on a tour. Some of the best places in Puerto Vallarta to explore are located in the Romantic Zone or in Old Town. 

Try a Food Tour

If you don’t think it can get better with a walking tour, how about a walking food tour? Puerto Vallarta is home to some of Mexico’s top restaurants, delicious taco trucks, and tasty street vendors. A Puerto Vallarta walking food tour will allow you to try out some of the best foods and dishes in the area. There is a variety of different and tasty ceviche and tacos, and you can even try fresh coconut water by having one opened up for you right on the spot! Authentic Mexican dishes like tamales and moles are foods you can try on the tour, too. Some of the best restaurants in Banderas Bay are often missed when traveling on your own, which is why a food tour is recommended. Lastly, the friendly tour guides speak Spanish and English, so everyone can enjoy the food tour and understand what is being said. 

Walking Tour to See Street Art

Street art in Puerto Vallarta is becoming more popular by the day. Local artists and talented muralists have been creating beautiful and vibrant murals in the city’s downtown on building walls. The culture of Mexico is a common feature that is portrayed in the impressive murals. When you go on a Puerto Vallarta walking tour, you will get to see the beautiful murals in person. A local project “The Adopt a Mural Project” was started to help support artists creating the town’s beautiful murals that are beautifying the area. Each mural is funded by donations, so the artists can purchase the painting supplies to create the murals. While you are walking on the cobblestone streets, you will get to see beautiful murals and art that captures the unique essence of Mexico.

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