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The Best Travel Packages To Mexico

Today Getaway calling you to tell you about the best travel packages to Mexico. Plus, they only work with resorts that have COVID

Top 5 Taco Joints in Cabo

Have you ever been to Cabo? It’s a beautiful tourist destination located on the southern…

Puerto Vallarta Natural Attractions: Where To Go

some of the best Puerto Vallarta natural attractions during your time in the area. You won’t be disappointed! If you want to book your trip, call Today Getaway

Where to Find the Best Desserts in Cabo

Will you be vacationing in Cabo San Lucas soon? If you will be, then you…

Farmers Market Season: Puerto Vallarta Must-Visit Tips

One of the best parts of the high season in Puerto Vallarta is the return…

2021 Edition – Where to Eat in Puerto Vallarta

top resorts including the prestigious Villa Group Resorts. In addition to multiple properties in Puerto Vallarta, they also have resorts in Cabo, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, and the Riviera Nayarit.

Natural Wonders in Mexico

Mexico has incredibly beautiful landscapes, a rich culture, and the locals are very welcoming. However,…

Mexico’s Top Spirit: Tequila

There is something about tequila that everyone loves. Tequila is a potent and tasty liquor…

How to Adjust Travel for 2021

Tourism and the travel industry were affected tremendously by COVID in addition to other industries as well. Businesses, airlines, and resorts

Cancun’s Vibrant Coral Reefs

When you vacation in Cancun, you may want to read some helpful tips, so your vacation is the best!