Will you be vacationing in Cabo San Lucas soon? If you will be, then you are lucky, as Cabo San Lucas is a top tourist vacation destination that can be found on the Baja California Sur peninsula. Many Americans love to visit the area because the flights from Los Angeles are short and affordable. The area has a pleasantly dry climate along with beautiful desert landscapes and turquoise clear Sea of Cortez waters. Plus, you will find world-class resorts, boutiques, and numerous restaurants, too. If you want help finding the best deal for your vacation, call Today Getaway at 1-866-435-8007 or 619-558-0432. They are a reputable travel agency with insider deals you can’t find anywhere else. If you want to enjoy a delicious dessert during your vacation, we can help you get your sweet tooth craving met with the top five desserts in Cabo below.

#1 Bravo Italia Gelato

Do you love creamy gelato? If so, then you will be happy to know that Bravo Italia Gelato is the top place to get the best gelato and ice cream in Cabo. The first location is downtown next to Minerva’s Fishing, and the second location is close to Walmart. If you want to cool off with an ice cream treat, then Bravo Italia Gelato is a wonderful way to do that. They have a wide variety of flavors, and you can get a large cup for only $35 pesos, which is $1.75 USD. It’s a great price for such a delicious and refreshing treat!

#2 La Higienica

Next, La Higienica is another top dessert place in Cabo. You can find La Higienica next to Desperados Restaurant. You can get there in just a few minutes from Puerto Paraiso off of Main Street. They have many different ice cream flavors, ice cream sandwiches, frozen ice cream bars, and so much more. You can cool off at La Higienica while enjoying a delicious dessert. A few popular choices are caramel and coconut ice cream, guanabana sherbet, pistachio, and frozen chocolate bananas. For one cup of ice cream, it is only about $30 pesos.

#3 Yogulove

Thirdy, Yogulove is a top dessert place in Cabo that specializes in frozen yogurt. You can find them near the Cabo Marina on Marina Boulevard. Yogulove is a self-service place, which is perfect for people who are concerned about COVID safety. It is a small shop, but they have some very tasty and unique flavors such as kiwi frozen yogurt. The prices are a bit higher than similar spots because it is located on the marina, but it is well worth the extra price so you can check out the marina views as you enjoy your dessert.

#4 Besos de Azúcar

Besos de Azucar is another top dessert place in Cabo. Besos de Azucar specialize in homemade cakes and pastries, and they can be found on Avenida Leona Vicario y Calle Rosario Morales. They have a variety of cupcakes, cheesecakes, flan, Tres Leche cakes, and so much more. They also do special orders and cakes, and they also provide delivery service as well.

#5 Café Cabo

Last but not least, Café Cabo is another top dessert place in the area. Café Cabo also serves breakfast and lunch while still offering homemade bread and desserts, too. You can find Café Cabo on Lazaro Cardenas approximately one block from Plaza Amelia Wikes. Make sure you try some of their delicious coffees and pastries during your visit to Baja. You won’t regret it.

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