For an exotic adventure, travelers don’t need to go anywhere else but Los Cabos, Mexico. There are an array of adventures and attractions along the seaside, and will make any vacation special and unique. But, when you think of taking a camel ride do you think of doing it in Mexico?

You may be surprised to hear that Mexico offers amazing Cabo camel rides on the stunning deserts of Baja California. This area is the perfect environment for a camel adventure in Mexico.

Travelers won’t find it difficult to find a tour company for the Cabo camel rides, because there are a variety of tours offered. A few of the best tour guides are the Camel Safari, Cabo Adventure’s Outback, and the Wild Canyon’s Camel Quest. Each of these tour Cabo camel tours guides provide travelers with a unique adventure and experience, and it’s an adventure that you will never forget. When you, your friends, and family members are riding on top of the camel’s hump and back it will remain a constant memory for the rest of your lives.

One thing that is a benefit before you go on your Cabo camel ride tour in Los Cabos, you will learn about the camel or also known as the friendly beasts and their way of life. You will quickly learn that camels are friendly and easy to be around. The tour guides will teach you the difference between the camels, because there are Arabian camels and Asian camels. The Asian camels actually have two humps while the Arabian camels only has one hump. You will be in awe with the camel’s natural ability to adapt to all types of climates, including harsh, hot climates. The camels store fat in their humps, which keeps the rest of their bodies from being over insulated. Your camel will bat his eyes at you and even smile as you ride through the Mexican desert. Camels are truly the perfect companion for everyone and they are not aggressive.

The Cabo camel rides in Mexico provide travelers with breathtaking and stunning views of the Sea of Cortez along with the beautiful ocean as the backdrop. This is the perfect place to take memorable photos. While you are on your Cabo camel tour you have to make sure that you take a camel selfie, so you can show all your family and friends back home. A perfect camel selfie is when the ocean is behind you and the sand is showing. Your family and friends will be so envious that you have experienced an amazing adventure riding a camel in Mexico.

Image Source: Cabo Adventures