There are lots of Puerto Vallarta tourist attractions awaiting you on Banderas Bay, Mexico, which is why the area is one of the most popular for sunny Mexico vacations. The Los Muertos Pier is one of the latest fixed additions to the popular tourist town of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta tourist attractions – Los Muertos Pier

In 2013, the Los Muertos Pier renovations were completed introducing yet another worthy Puerto Vallarta tourist attraction for visitors to enjoy free of charge. If you visit Puerto Vallarta annually, then you probably have noticed the fantastic renovations that were done to the pier, but if you are new to coming to Puerto Vallarta, then you may not have known that the Los Muertos Pier was in poor shape. Before the renovations, the Los Muerto Pier was a ram shackled pier that served the beach for tours and water taxis. Today, the pier is a lovely Puerto Vallarta tourist attraction that is worth a visit, even if you don’t want to take a boat tour or water taxi from there.

Los Muerto Pier

In January 2013, the new pier construction was completed as part of a more extensive renewal of the Puerto Vallarta waterfront that included a revamp of the Malecon boardwalk, another of the favorite Puerto Vallarta tourist attractions. The new construction was designed by the winner of the Biannual Architecture Prize, Jose de Jesus Torres Vega, who based the new pier design around a the shape of a sail boat. Just like the sails on a boat, the pier enjoys a construction that looks like sails twisting and turning around a mast, and from some angles the pier looks just like a sailing boat.

A Tourist Attraction

At night, the pier lights up in vibrant, bright colors, and is a perfect place to take a nightly stroll setting a wonderful scene on the horizon for photographs. Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll on the beach with the pier lighted up as your background. You can sit on the pier on some of the benches that were built for visitors and those waiting for water taxis and tours, or watch the sun set.

A Functioning Pier

The pier isn’t just for beauty, it also serves as a dropping point for people who are catching a boat to the beaches and islands that are nearby. A few of the beaches that people can catch a boat ride to include the Las Marietas Islands, Las Animas, and Yelapa. There are also fishing boats, adventure boat tours, jet ski hire, banana boats and more here.

An Icon of Puerto Vallarta

It didn’t take long for the new and modern Puerto Vallarta tourist attraction to become a focal point and icon of Banderas Bay. When you are souvenir shopping, you will notice the pier is featured on postcards, paintings, and holiday newsletters. With the new design and construction of the Los Muertos Pier and the Malecon, Puerto Vallarta has become very popular and one of the best vacation destinations in Mexico. This area is a must see when you are on vacation in Puerto Vallarta; and make sure you bring your camera, so you can take photos of the amazing architecture.