The Mayan people first used the El Rey Ruins as their hub for trading. The El Rey Ruins date back to the 1200 A.D. Although the El Rey Ruins are not as popular as the Chichen Itza ruins, the ruins archaeological site is definitely worth exploring when you are vacationing in Cancun, Mexico. The El Rey Ruins are situated in the hotel zone, which is a very popular and central area, so you will not have to travel too far to explore these ruins. The accessible location is great, and the ruins are not very large which makes it easy for you to explore all of the grounds in no time at all. While you are there you can also meet hundreds of iguanas that have made their home at the El Rey Ruins.

The Ancient Mayan El Rey Ruins History

Long ago, an ancient Mayan city resided where the El Rey is located today. Along with the El Rey Ruins being in Cancun, archeologists have also confirmed that as early as 1800 BC Mayan people inhabited El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. The Cancun El Rey Ruins was once a very populated area, but the Mayan people abandoned the area when the Spanish people arrived. The El Rey Ruins have forty-seven stone structures, and when you start exploring each of the buildings you will be able to see what life was like for the Mayan people living in this forgotten city. When you are going to explore the El Rey you will want to wear shoes that are comfortable so you will be able to explore the Mayan temple, burial site, and climb to the top of the stone buildings with ease.

El Rey Ruins Murals and Paintings

Once you arrive at the ruins, you can start exploring the interiors of the stone ruins. You will see the amazing artwork that was done by the Mayan people. Sadly, some of the colors of the paintings and murals have deteriorated, but you will still be able to see many different king images along with other important Mayan members, too. The murals and paintings allow us today to take a look back at the way ancient people lived. The El Rey Ruins is located in a convenient location and visitors can see the remainders of its original inhabitants of Cancun. Chichen Itza is a popular Mayan city and the El Rey Ruins isn’t as popular, but it has just as much history.

Meet Iguanas at El Rey Ruins

One thing you may not expect to see at the El Rey Ruins is iguanas. There are hundreds of iguanas that inhabited the El Rey Ruins. The iguanas are very comfortable around people as they are used to seeing large crowds of people daily at the ruins. Many people that are visiting the ruins take advantage of the iguanas being so friendly, and consequently, they take plenty of great pictures with these majestic reptiles. You can bring fruit or bread with you so you and your family can feed the iguanas. These beautiful reptiles are found at the ruins every day. Who knows, you may get some great pictures at the ruins with an iguana that could turn out to be your favorite vacation picture.

The Location & Hours Open

The El Rey is open daily at 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. The cost to enter the ruins is $2.50 USD or 50 Pesos. On Sunday’s, you can go to the ruins without having to pay any admission. All visitors should make sure they wear sunscreen and a hat as there is not much shade at the ruins. You can explore the ruins as long as you like on your own, or you can also ask to have a tour guide if you would like to know the more detailed history of the El Rey. There is plenty of parking at the ruins or you can take a taxi or bus to the ruins. The bus line that you will need to take is R1 or R2.

Don’t miss the chance to explore and visit the El Rey Ruins when you are in Cancun. You will have a day full of history, beauty, and you can meet iguanas at the El Rey Ruins, too!