Do you know where you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world? It may surprise you, but Puerto Vallarta is known to have incredibly beautiful sunsets that are hard to beat. The sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are captivating with a blend of red, purple, and blue shades that gloriously fill the sky each evening. With the lush greenery of the mountains and the Banderas Bay waters, the sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are perfect for any postcard. Continue to read below if you would like to know where you can see the world-famous PV sunsets.

Dinner Watching World Famous PV Sunsets

If you want to see a world-famous PV sunset, then you can do that at one of the numerous restaurants around town that have ocean views. One of the restaurants is La Palapa, which is on the beach and a couple of steps from the pier. This restaurant was established in the early 1950’s, and is the oldest beach restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. Another restaurant where you can see a world-famous PV sunset is at Barcelona Tapas, which is located a few blocks up the hill from the Malecon boardwalk. There are several different dining levels including an open terrace, and they serve tapas-style cuisine. A Puerto Vallarta staple that provides delicious foods and stunning sunsets is Barcelona Tapas. The La Traviata restaurant is not far from Barcelona Tapas, and their menu features Italian dishes and they also have a covered rooftop for people who want to dine outdoors while still avoiding the sun’s hot rays. La Traviata usually offers drink and dinner specials, so you may want to call them to see what specials they are currently offering. If you would rather dine at a more casual and laid-back restaurant, you can go to Barracuda or El Solar where you can watch the sunset and dine with your toes in the sand. Barracuda is a bit more upscale than El Solar as they do offer plentiful inside seating, and both restaurants have al fresco tables and chairs right on the sand. If you happen to be visiting Puerto Vallarta during December through April, then you may get a chance to see something very special. Humpback whales frequent the Banderas Bay during these months, and it isn’t unusual to catch a glimpse of a whale breaching next to her new baby just offshore during sunset. This writer has actually seen this happen in person, and can personally vouch that it makes for an incredible Puerto Vallarta sunset like no other.

Hitting the Beach for World Famous PV Sunsets

Do you want to watch the world-famous PV sunsets while dipping your toes in the ocean and the sand beneath your feet? Great news, as watching a sunset on the beach is the best place to see world-famous PV sunsets. In the Banderas Bay area, you can find numerous beaches that are perfect for watching the sunset. Whatever beach you select, you should just start off by taking a deep breath, then let the rejuvenating powers of the ocean work on your spirit and soul. Quimixto, Yelapa, Conchas Chinas, Majahuitas, Playa Camarones, Los Muertos, Playa Destiladera, Punta Mita, and Punta Burros are just some of the best beaches in the region. Bucerias beach is ideal as there are many restaurants, cafés, pubs, and bars where you can relax and enjoy the world-famous PV sunsets. At the evening’s end, the stars will fill the sky and an evening stroll along the beach will be very romantic.

Puerto Vallarta Dream Home

You have been lucky to see the world-famous PV sunsets for yourself if you have ever visited Puerto Vallarta in the past. The background of the Sierra Madre mountains slowly embracing the Pacific Ocean makes for a perfect sunset each night. There is a mixture of cloudy days and clear days, and this color fusion from the sun’s rays as it starts to set on the horizon will leave you in awe. This is one of the main reasons so many people choose Puerto Vallarta to be their home forever. Thankfully, there are many real estate options available in Puerto Vallarta so if you want to retire, have a vacation home, or a forever home you can find it in Puerto Vallarta. Are you ready to experience the world-famous PV sunsets every night? Life in paradise could be possible for you!

It is totally true that the world-famous PV sunsets are very special. If you haven’t seen one personally, then you really should soon. Now is the time that you should book your trip to Puerto Vallarta so you can see these breathtaking sunsets. While you are here, you may just find that dream home you always wanted, too.